I want to spend my retirement in Mexico!

Yes, it seems like a hasty idea in the plans of someone who has lived all his life in the same country. And being accustomed to living comfortably anywhere makes you forget the idea that there could be a better place, however, there must be something very good in this country, that’s why more than 1 million Americans call Mexico their home. The main reason why you should consider Mexico to spend your retirement is: living here is inexpensive.

How much money would you need to spend your retirement in Mexico?

According to a poll by International Living magazine, Americans living in Mexico report living on their own for only $ 1,200 a month, which gives us an idea of how affordable it can be, and considering the services from a retirement home, actually, they also turn out to be quite inexpensive in Mexico.

In this country of warm climates and rustic landscapes some retirement homes are located with residents mostly from abroad, these are located in very exclusive areas with luxury facilities and first class services, which usually hover around $ 1,750. up to $ 3,000 dollars. It turns out to be an overwhelming difference compared to retirement places in the United States, ranging from $ 6,700 in the District of Columbia to $ 2,500 in Missouri, this, being the cheapest place to reside in a retirement home in the USA. On another side, the cost of living in a retirement place in California is around $ 4,000.

The differences between one and the other? Minimum

Retirement homes regularly have quite complete services for the assistance and entertainment of seniors, however, there are things people may prefer and that in their country does not see how to satisfy them, like weather, beaches, regional food etc. And this is where Mexico starts to sound like an excellent option.

In places like CasaMar Senior Living Community, located in Rosarito, a small corner of Baja California, few minutes from the California border with an incredible ocean view, prices range from $ 1,800 dollars to $3,500 dollars Including amenities such as: 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, nursing, general doctor, medication administration, recreational and social activities programs, nutritionist, etc.