I want to spend my retirement in Mexico! (Part 2)

Previously, we commented how beneficial it can be for your budget to spend your retirement in Mexico, as well as the pleasant climate in most regions and the facility to communicate (as English speakers are increasing), food, First class retirement homes among many other things that make you think.

Why did not I consider it before?

 If all these benefits have already put Mexico on the top of your list of retirement plans, you should know more in detail how to do it in the right way, regardless of the place you choose to spend your retirement you need to do it legally and following all protocols to avoid all discomfort.

So … What should you do to be able to live in Mexico?

Just follow these steps. We guarantee that it will be easy and simple. In just 10 days you can get a resident visa! (Maybe you’ll spend more time choosing the clothes you’ll bring).

First, you must go to a consulate of Mexico in your country, and from there fill out the application for a temporary resident visa, you will complete this process with photos and your passport. Some of the requirements involve that you show bank accounts and check and where you are going to reside in the country. This will not imply a major problem since you only have to go to the bank where your monthly pension is deposited and request an account statement or record of your bank movements, a check minimum monthly income of $ 1,500 USD and in case of being dependent $ 520 USD per month. To check where you are going to reside it will be enough providing the address of the place you intend to rent or the escrow that you are going to acquire, in the retirement homes it is sufficient to provide the address and the service contract.

Practical right?

Besides being easy and simple, acquiring your visa only costs $ 36 USD and can be requested for 1 to 4 full years, after this (we are sure you’ll want to do it) you can apply for a permanent resident visa, this doesn’t have an expiration date and gives you rights and responsibilities as a Mexican citizen including the right to work, in case you want to do so. For now, continue with the original retirement plan and consider enjoying all this warm country has to offer.