Friendship and sociability, the new medicine

“Friendship multiplies the good things of life and divides evil.”

 said Baltasar Gracian  This affirmation, with the pass of the years, becomes an absolute truth.

As you get older, visiting your friends is less frequent (and happens the same with social life) as long as you become a senior the number of friends is greatly reduced, which is more damaging of what you can think. A study conducted in Finland ensures that older adults who live alone are more likely to develop dementia among other mental deficiencies and health issues related to loneliness such as obesity, depression, diabetes and others.

According to the researchers, maintaining an active social life is related to a lower risk of cognitive deterioration, having a circle of friends has a direct impact on our well-being, this can determine how much and how well we are going to live, the countries with greater life expectancy have shown this constant in their more long-lived settlers.

For people who are in charge of seniors, seeking the convivence with other adults should be a priority.

It is understandable that due to the current pace of life you can not spend as much time as you would like, but there are several options to avoid those long periods of loneliness

Some public and private organizations direct their efforts to develop activities or environments conducive to seniors interacting together. It should be considered how beneficial it is for them to spend time with more people and make friends, a social life prevents isolation, helps the formation of meaningful relationships and builds a safety net of people attentive to other individuals and will be close on times of illness or sadness.

Friendship and sociability, the new medicine

To be a senior does not have to mean a synonymous of isolation, acctualy, you can give the gift to your loved one to live this beautiful stage of life to the fullest. CasaMar offers daily activities to improve the convivence, in addition to keeping them socially active, they will improve their physical and mental health status. Learn more about our amenities and the activities made especially for them!