Quality of Life: Retirement home’s main offer.

In the previous blog we mentioned that the main thing for older adults is to maintain the convivence and sociability with other people, and due to the current pace of time we do not spend enough time that is needed at their side, and with many other necessary things in terms of care, they might need.

Have you considered the option of having your elderly relative taken care of in a retirement home?

It is understandable that you think that no one could take care of them, better than you at home, however, sometimes your loved one requires more care than it is in your hands to provide at home.

On this occasion, we will consider a comparison of the attentions that are given in the home and those that are in a specialized place, from this you could make the decision:  In which site will my loved one be safer?

Adequate spaces

Older adults require large spaces that facilitate their mobility, thereby decreasing the risk of falling; likewise, specific spaces such as stairs, bathrooms, showers, corridors, and rooms must have handles.

It is possible that the distribution of your home does not lend itself to adapt it with the necessary, for that reason, a retirement home that has these facilities will make the displacement of people more practical and thereby maintain their individuality.

Physical and recreational activities

It is very necessary to closely monitor the physical activity that seniors maintain, sedentary lifestyle and isolation should be avoided at all costs, both of them are difficult to handle when we cannot spend full time with our relatives.

Currently, the retirement homes offer specialized programs to keep their residents active because this is a fundamental part of maintaining good health.


The diet is a fundamental part to avoid diseases in our seniors, adequate food to their needs should be prepared with special caution something that could be more laborious when preparing the usual meals for everyone in the house.

 The personnel in charge of the meals in a retirement home take these particular cares in addition to elaborate specific diets for their residents as well as the corresponding medical follow-up to avoid any type of allergy or digestive problem.

Medical attention

In a retirement home, your relative will have specialized care 24 hours a day. This attention goes from having expert people taking care of them to avoid accidents, follow-up in the taking of medicines, as well as instant medical attention when this is required.

As a family retreat community, we believe that the quality of life must be maintained at the highest level. Our staff, composed of professionals, is trained to offer our residents the indispensable, providing a family environment among all. Visit us today and know what CasaMar has to offer you and your loved ones!