Knowing CasaMar Boutique Senior Living

It is on the table the plan to start a new phase in a retirement home, with specialized care, the opportunity to interact with different people daily, specialized care programs and medical attention 24 hours a day, then, the next step to make a final decision is to visit the place.

It is recommendable to list in advance all the questions you may have prior to booking your appointment to have a guided tour, it is important that they can clarify any doubts you have regarding the activities they offer, specialized care, who are the doctors and their experience.

If you are in charge of an older person, it is completely necessary and recommended that your relative take the tour, it is essential that the future resident live this experience and know every corner of what can become their next home.

Once your family member knows the areas designed specially for their comfort he can be ensured of the care he will receive from our staff, identify the different physical and therapeutic activities that are performed and also know about the doctors who will be in charge of their well-being. This will bring them a closer experience and will remain calm with their decision.

CasaMar is an excellent place to live, visit us to see for yourself the exclusivity of this place and the first class services we offer.

Give your loved one the opportunity to decide how and where he wants to live to the maximum his retirement.

We ensure that in each CasaMar boutique senior living space they will feel safe and happy.