Summer tips for our seniors

The favorite season of the year for beach lovers is here, and also the high temperatures, sun’s rays exposure, and if we have air conditioning, recurrent changes in temperature. In this season, it is necessary to pay special attention to older adults especially if they suffer from kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases or if they take diuretic medicines, among others, since they interfere mainly in their body temperature and their capacity to adapt to high temperatures and with it probable dehydration.

The key is food, this will be the ally in the control of body temperature in these hot months. By consuming certain foods and eliminating others, it will be possible to avoid heats and excessive sweating.

The main foods that provide minimum calories are fruits, vegetables, and fresh vegetables and seasonal, which are also very high in vitamins and minerals. It is advisable to offer mainly full salads, cold cakes, stuffed eggs or simple skewers to avoid decompensation and loss of proteins.

It is also recommended that they consume 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. Some foods provide liquids, but still, it is necessary to take all kinds of drinks, juices, milk, soup, tea or coffee, which can also include other nutrients, without forgetting the best option that is simple water.

Finally, most changes in the skin are related to sun exposure, therefore, prolonged exposure to the sun should be prevented daily (over time recovering from this can be more difficult and complicated) if necessary you should always apply them good quality sunscreen when seniors are outdoors, even in the winter. It is also advisable to wear protective clothing and a hat if necessary.

Do not forget that this season is the best time to go for a walk and relax, visiting the beaches is always a good idea!