Common conditions in older adults pt1: Eschars for mobility decrease

It is common for older adults, as the years go by, to reduce more and more their mobility, the main reason is that energy is not the same. However, staying a long time in the same position, whether lying down or sitting, increases the risk of eschars. Pressure sores or ulcers are skin lesions that form where there is more closeness of skin with bone such as ankles, heels, and hips, they can also be caused by lack of moisture, weight loss, and circulation problems.

It is very important to be alert and prevent the formation of these injuries as they can cause serious infections.

To prevent our elderly from suffering from eschar, it is necessary:

  • Care for skin hygiene by keeping it always clean and moisturized with special creams.
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and try to change the position of the older adult
  • Use products that relieve pressure (pillows, sponge mattress, foam)
  • Perform gentle circular massage on the skin without wounds
  • Elude tension in the skin: avoiding dragging the body of the elderly. Hence the importance of having expert nursing assistants.

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