The invaluable heritage of memories.

Senior’s leave behind great legacies in terms of knowledge, experience and personal anecdotes to family and friends. In the same way their personality will be reflected on their belongings, this is why this is of sum importance. Ordering all valuable objects, whether sentimental or any kind, is a task that must be given time and patience since we are talking about a lifetime compendium of things.

While all the belongings that the older adult may have meant something to him, it is very important to give support so that he can discern which objects have a high sentimental value and consider making them part of his legacy by leaving them to a family member or friend who knows that he will appreciate them.

This activity will be very satisfying for the older adult and for the companion in this task, since it will be a way of demonstrating the appreciation and understanding that he has.

For example, some older people resorted to making books with recipes to which they added their personal touch, suggesting that the older adult leave this collection of recipes to a son or grandson who has a fondness for original dishes will be a way to stay present in the family for posterity. It is also common that seniors in the family tend to have a collection of photographs, a set of memories of this type has a great emotional value that will be invaluable to the relatives to whom they are assigned, and if in the future if this photographic memories are showed to them, this will help the elderly memories and bring to the present moments that were important. There may also be some collection of books which the adult has felt identified or notebooks with curious notes or anecdotes that can talk a lot about the personality of our loved one.

As already mentioned, there may be many things that will be very necessary to get rid of, however, this detachment must be subtle and always reminding the older adult that he should give preference to the essential. Encouraging the elderly to give a second life to their material assets by making donations to an important cause or to those who need it most will make the person take this process better.

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