From letters to e-mail – Teaching our elders how to use the internet

We use the internet for basically everything in our day-to-day life, it is hard to imagine that at this time some people want to avoid using it because they consider it complicated, however, it is more common than we think.

 Some people belong to the generation were the use of technological devices was not essential to carry out their work, or their school tasks, or daily tasks and practically nothing, so they tend to show complete disinterest in smartphones, computers and any technology that uses the internet (with how easy daily life comes back, we know that).

Therefore, we must give ourselves to the task of showing our elderly how beneficial and entertaining the use of these information technologies can be for them and put on our side all the patience necessary to explain in detail how they work, here are some suggestions of how to carry out this transition in the best way

1. All photographs in one place

One way to teach our older adults the usefulness of computers and smart phones is to show the storage capacity of information they may have, and what better way to put it on test than by creating a complete archive of all the photographs they have, whether they are current or from decades ago. Sorting them by years and in folders according to the name defined will help the older adult acquire more agility when handling these devices.

2. Search engines

It is essential to begin by knowing the functions of the internet through a search engine, showing the elderly the large compilation of information that abounds on the Internet regarding any subject will induce curiosity enough to start using the search engines on your own.

Take the initiative with simple questions like: What would you like to read? Any movies from your childhood that you want to see? Do you feel like preparing a different dish today? They will help the genuine interest to arise. It is also essential to note that not everything that the search engine throws is 100% reliable information, to indicate which sources are the best and that advertising is of the misleading type will make your experience more pleasant.

3. E-mail, video call and chat

One of the benefits that the internet has brought, to being able to communicate remotely (and nearby) is one of the most significant. Without a doubt, instant messaging will be the preferred tool of our older adults, so show them how to send e-mails, make video calls with relatives who are at a distance and how to answer chats will make them acquire more agility and primarily, to maintain that closeness with the ones they love most.

In CasaMar it is a priority to maintain that closeness between our residents and their family, therefore, the entire residence has wireless internet service as well as personnel in full openness to help the resident in any difficulty or doubt. 

We are all connected here being part of the same family!