Common conditions in older adults Pt2: Deafness

On this occasion we will discuss a new issue that is very important to keep in mind when treating an older adult on a daily basis, it is estimated that worldwide more than 80% of older adults have a hearing loss, this is mainly caused by the auditory contamination of the space.

The main consequences that this disease brings is when they felt apart and with it the decline of their mood and the quality of life in general.

To detect a possible hearing loss we can take in mind the following signals:

-Ask to constantly repeat what you have just told

-The volume of the TV or Radio are too high

-Gets very close to your interlocutor

-Stayed away in social meetings

There are alternatives to help who has this condition since there is no treatment to cure it.

Starting with a hearing specialist, who will give the most accurate diagnosis and the best treatment.

Audition aids can improve hearing in most cases, their sound quality is almost identical to that of our hearing system.

On the other hand, the cochlear implant is a less frequent alternative to treat cases of deafness, however they are very effective when the hearing aid does not cover the severity of this condition.