Welcome autumn and your pumpkins!

With the arrival of this season, there is also the arrival of their characteristic flavors, and what more traditional flavor than pumpkin. Without a doubt, it is a versatile food that is enjoyed at any age thanks to all its ways of preparing it, whether in salad, desserts, soups etc. In addition to its peculiar and delicious taste, it turns out to be very beneficial for health since it has innumerable properties that can help our older adults a lot to stay healthy and prepare for the low temperatures ahead.

Pumpkin is an excellent ally to combat blood pressure because it provides vitamin C which can lower the tension to acceptable levels without the cost or possible side effects of prescription drugs. It also provides fiber, and this, drag the cholesterol to the intestine and eliminates it through the feces, preventing it from being absorbed to reach the liver and blood.

Among all its vitamins and nutrients, pumpkin also has beta-carotene, by consuming these, our liver processes it and converts it into vitamin A. The funny thing is that this process of transformation into vitamin A will only occur when our body needs its contribution. In this way, the body avoids excess vitamin A. In addition, beta-carotenes help fight prostate cancer that, in synergistic combination with other phytochemicals, such as other carotenes, polyphenols and other components such as vitamin E, inhibit cancer cell growth and exert a protective role against chronic diseases.

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