Be my healthy heart for this valentine

We know that every day means an opportunity to show the love we feel for our loved ones, but a particular date gives us many options to do it with a present. Valentine’s Day is an excellent excuse to give that special gift to those we love most and… who does not like sweets, chocolates, desserts and romantic dinners? The answer is very evident, however, older people should refrain from consuming any of these affection presentations for health.

It seems that this number of options is reduced to nothing, but, it is not necessary to get into a dilemma, the healthy options are multiple. Here are some recommendations that your grandmother or grandfather will find fascinating and free of guilt (and sugar)

  • Chocolate is always a good option, as long as sugar is not its first ingredient. Always opt for its dark presentation, the package indicates the percentage of cocoa this helps to be sure that chocolate does not contain other ingredients to modify its flavor. An excellent option is also to add a light cover to strawberries or almonds which contain a large supply of vitamins.
  • A soft and delicious version of traditional desserts such as yogurt ice cream instead of ice cream and diversity of fruits offer much more flavor and great nutritional contribution, in addition to taking care of your dentures of hard or crunchy foods. If your loved one’s diet has been balanced and you know that is a fan of traditional desserts, you can give a sugar-free cake, remember that the most important thing is do not exceed portions.
  • A dinner prepared by you will help you have better control of carbohydrates, fats and sugars, in case you want to surprise with your culinary skills this is an excellent option. The most recommended is to offer steamed vegetables only seasoned with spices, salads with various green leaves soups or light creams avoiding the use of dairy products.
  • Not everything should be food, a spa day is always welcome whether you book somewhere that offers relaxing massages, hot springs or an all-inclusive package that guarantees relaxation, you can also choose to take the spa to your home! Refreshing masks, a head and foot massage and finally a simple pedicure will make a difference in a day of total relaxation.

Share this Valentine’s Day with those you love the most, its always good to give a funny detail to those who are always on our mind, take advantage of these tips and make this day a celebration of love! In CasaMar we also celebrate this day with a small gathering always designed for our older adults. Visit us and know more about everything we have to offer you!