Let’s play! How to maintain remote contact and have fun trying

Currently there is a great digital and technological offer available to everyone, even in the midst of a health emergency such as the one we are currently experiencing and which forces us to stay within our home, keeping communication at a distance with friends and family is easier.

It is essential that we guide our older adults on the use of information technologies so that they can be part of these activities, as a recommendation, you can start by providing them with a Tablet and an express course on how to use the video call application of your choice ( Zoom, Skype, or Facebook). Once ready, let’s have fun!

The Internet already has several platforms to play, such is the case of the famous card game UNO! Imagine the round with the whole family of this hilarious game, the online game options are very wide, there is also a digital version of MONOPOLY, it will only be necessary to access the app. The next thing is to set a schedule with our grandparents to play at the same time.

Also online meetings are an excellent option, the House Party application has group calls of up to 8 members in addition to offering challenging and trivia games, the good thing is that we have all the time in the world, so let’s remember to be patient with those who are not very familiar with the applications.

Improvising a bit will also make for a very fun evening, recreating some famous paintings through photos or challenging your group chat to send funny old pictures can also be a way to bring back good memories.

Besides from the fun we also have the option of doing a simple virtual meeting, in this we can invite our family members to carry out exercises that do not involve much effort, also a virtual party (will be good) accompanying the conversation with some drinks and snacks.

Let us remember that the important thing is the family union, today more than ever, we have the opportunity to have the time at our disposal, we have to take advantage of it to get closer even if it is at a distance with those we love the most.

At CasaMar we have unlimited internet access and trained staff to help its residents use the media they want to use, the most important thing for us is to keep your loved one close. Visit us and learn more about CasaMar!