Virtual gifts, a new way of details

Faced with current limitations, creativity should prevail in our ways of living with our loved ones, and when the occasion is extremely special, it may require a little help. For this reason, supporting ourselves with what the world of digital communication offers us will be very wise, remember Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, for the first time, you will not have to wait in line to get that precious gift!

Even when isolation didn’t prevail on a day-to-day basis, gift cards always got us off the hook when looking for a risk-free gift, these major online retail sites currently offer this service, some others also include prepaid cards for use them in some uses. It is enough to enter the website of the store of choice, select the option “gift card”, choose the amount that is to give, fill out the form to make the payment and forward it to the person either by mail or by some social network. Also some sites offers sending the card by mail.

It is also a good time to take advantage of all the attention given to electronic devices to offer them new entertainment alternatives, especially those who continue to use classic media that may not be so easily accessible. The most important magazines and newspapers already offer virtual subscriptions so that all their content can be received by e-mail or by entering your user information. Look at the options at, they are so varied that you will surely find your mother’s favorite, or one related to her hobbies or topics of interest. The same option exists for books and audiobooks, although in these the most recommended is to have a special device such as Kindle that makes reading without interruptions more satisfactory and with better adaptation of light, contrasts and font size.

That technology is prevalent in our day to day does not mean that personalized details will be dispensed with, however the options are even more varied, today you can make your own gifts with technological tools, for example: a music list Supporting you from Spotify or YouTube, a video with a collection of family and travel photos or some other subject of your interest, even giving away your own musical compositions supporting you from apps like FL studio will be your allies when giving that original gift.

Remember that the main thing is to always have the attention with those we love, that is the greatest gift they can have!