Recommended activities for people with dementia

Recommended activities for people with dementia

We know the importance of retirement homes and how they can significantly help in the daily lives of older people, especially those who require complete care and attention, those who already suffer from senile dementia or other types of cognitive decline.

However, not everything is scheduled activities and psychological therapies, this time we have some simple recommendations to carry out and offer accompaniment to people who have these conditions, remember that everything is in order to improve the mood and be able to channel people’s energy in a better way. Knowing the habits and hobbies, even those that used to be before the disease, will be very helpful when trying to get closer.

If the customs of the older adult in question involved household chores, the recommended activities will be small household chores, this would be familiar and significant. You can start by offering a flannel to dust off railings or small furniture and asking for help to clean the table after eating. If you use this idea, make sure that the family is aware of this to avoid any inconvenience.

People who liked to repair and help with house or car maintenance can find tasks like tidying screws and matching them or tightening screws on pieces of wood. You may also like to connect PVC pipes and see how they fit together. Visit a hardware store and let your imagination run to create work modules that stimulate them.

Was music an important part of your life? You can offer many activities where to use it. People who are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s may be able to sing in a choir, even play an instrument.

On the other hand, if the person had a fascination with pets, they can participate in tasks such as taking the dog for a walk or brushing and playing with it. If your mobility is reduced, you might enjoy having a bird or two in a cage or a fish aquarium that you can see. Animal therapy has been shown to have multiple benefits for people with dementia.

Creativity will go a long way in maintaining that connection with our family members. At CasaMar we have a team of professionals who offer special care according to the needs of each resident, we also seek to make the family a fundamental part of their daily life. Learn more about what we have to offer!