Theres still allot to do! Full realization in elder people

Senior adults have taken their important presence in society, for which have to reconsider their strength. Actually they are a invaluable resource and we fall into a great error of overlooking it.

A considerable number of personalities have obtained their biggest recognition after they turn 60, of course there’s a long trajectory that proceeds them but, contrary of what we think, the pinnacle of their success can be found in the senior years, this is no impediment.

For example, the acclaimed actor Morgan Freeman obtained his first Oscar nomination at the age of 50, at this age some actors consider retirement. Years after he got the most acclaimed statue for the movie “Million Dollar Baby” in his late 60’s. In other perspective George R.R Martin of 66 years old, famous for writing “Game of Thrones” has announce his new book publication. Predecesor titles of this author marked the way who hace taken him to this point and it seems he has allot more to share.

Times have change and inclusively some so immovable like aging have taken new directions, retiring at the age of 60 or 70 its no longer consider, now a days people tend to stay active and the free time they have after they retire give people new opportunities to achieve what have stayed on hold in their younger days.

The author Thelma Reese mentions in her book “How older people are saving the world: Retirement activism to the rescue!”

“The time, for them, offers opportunities even though aging brings an urgent feeling. Their passion and perspectives are fascinating and, in many ways, inspiring. For some, their activism brings out and answer for the next question: Why am I ( still ) here? And immediate reasons to get out of bed in the morning.

So, let us not forget that age its just a number, this can never be an impediment for reaching our goals and keep working to achieve full realization. If you ever think its too late, remember Goethe published “Fausto” when he was 80 years old!