How to treat depression on senior adults

A great part of  people 65 or over may suffer depression. Great part of doctor visits involve complaints of emotional tension. A quarter of suicide cases in developed countrys are from senior adults. Depression is one of the principal causes of the reduction in the quality of health in 3rd age people.

Chronic illness or depression suffering adults they center in their physical illness and therefore there’s no full recovery of this mental disorder. It is advisable that this illness gets treated and also establish treatment goals and don’t settle on the results of an inferior quality treatment ( if you don’t see any results, change the focus ). It is important that a complete cooperation between the patient and psychologist goes either way.

Also it is necessary to observe the adult trends regarding his alcohol consumption. It is very common for older adults to draw on to alcohol as a matter of dealing with loneliness or with chronic pain. As we know, alcohol depresses even more in these situations and it also can interfere with the effects of medication for diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses common in older adults.

To prevent depressive episodes it is necessary to avoid long periods of loneliness and digression, it has been known that pictures are an excellent detonant of good memories which automatically changes the mood of the person and with that pain goes down. Hand in hand people with strong family ties are more resistant to this mental condition. It is especially important for older adults to make an effort to meet new people. Some suggestions that can facilitate this are: Volunteering, taking a class at night, maintaining contact with old friends, getting involved in church or looking for a good restaurant or coffee shop to spend some time out of home.

It is comprehensible that older adults feel depressed as they lose their independence and mobility. Human beings prospere when they have options and they feel in control. Let’s help our loved ones to retake that power of decision in basic chores, this will be very important for them.

In Casamar we are always looking forward to our residents maintaining a strong emotional health being taken care of by our therapists and capable personnel that always will provide attention and comprehension. Know more about us and how we can help contribute to a better life quality of your loved one!