Now and always, pets are the best company

Who can resist to smile when seeing your pet? Some studies on the use of dogs for therapeutic purposes have shown that it has its presence in the health and spirit of people.
Tasks as simple as peeling and cutting pieces of a sandwich to give to our dog can be an activity in which the persons are fully involved and will stimulate feelings in our grandparents similar to that feeling when taking responsibility for a child. In this way, the symptoms related to isolation and loneliness that grandparents who live alone may feel are considerably reduced.

When humans are in contact with animals, they secrete oxytocin and endorphins, and the heart rate and blood pressure are reduced. The presence of a dog brings us a predisposition to generate positive thoughts, decrease our isolation and help us express emotions, and share the experience. Verbal and non-verbal communication capacity and social interaction are increased. If the older adult lives alone they can easily fall into apathy. Adopting a pet requires them to carry out daily routines to take care of it, clean it, play, feed it and, consequently, take care of themselves. The person feels more useful and may even increase the will to live and decrease anxiety and the need for medication. Animals allow people to laugh, but also to laugh at themselves and their surroundings.

On the other hand, the care that these pets require and their high dependency can be very demanding compared to the energy of some older people, especially if they are the only ones who are in charge. If you decide that a dog is not the perfect pet for the grandfather of the family, here we recommend others that also steal our hearths.

In cases of reduced mobility it is advisable to adopt a cat due to the characteristics of its care. This feline has a very independent and adorable attitude. It is a pet and cuddly animal, its purr has countless benefits for our health, and even the fact that some of them spend half their time ignoring us, makes us love them more.
There are hundreds of reasons to be close to an animal, they make us better people and loneliness becomes a thing of the past.
Regardless of age and your situation, being accompanied by a pet changes our lives …