Know the benefits of physiotherapy on seniors

It is normal that seniors present a decrease in physical activity due to fatigue, pain, and a progressive loss of balance, strength or endurance. However, there are ways to delay the deterioration that the body experiences, physiotherapy in older people has established itself as an interesting therapeutic alternative.

To speak of geriatric physiotherapy is to speak of long-term positive effect, even though the results are not seen after the first session. And most importantly: it is not only the considerable general improvement of the locomotor abilities of the elderly, there is also changes in other aspects of their health and well-being.

Physical exercise in the elderly (and at any age) is essential to maintain good health. Geriatric physiotherapists are aware of the limitations in which people become older with respect to their functionality and agility, which is why they use therapeutic techniques to slow down these processes.

Therefore, the objective of physiotherapy in older people is mainly focused on:

• Motivate the patient and build confidence in their locomotor abilities.

• Maintain or recover independence on their daily activities.

• Increase and improve joint mobility and muscle strength.

• Improve gait and balance patterns.

• Promote the practice of physical activities in a healthy way.

On September 8, World Physiotherapy Day was commemorated, in remembrance of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) foundation. This international body already represents 670,000 professionals around the world. This date should be a reminder of the importance and how essential this medical discipline is for old age.

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