How fragile are our older adults?

It is quite common to take our elderlies to treatments or interventions necessary for their well-being, however, in many cases the expected response is reflected in complications that reduce the success that was sought.

For this, it will be necessary to measure the frailty of the elderly, known in detail their complexion and how weak they are, not only give us an idea of what degree they can withstand on a surgical intervention or treatment, but also to achieve the objectives that are sought, both to prolong their time and quality of life.
We can define frailty as the increased individual risk of each patient. Its characterized by a decrease in strength, endurance, and physiological reserve, which increases this individual vulnerability to develop dependence, disability and even death.

It is recommended to assess the frailty of people over 70 years of age who have had a considerable weight loss around 5% of it, in the context of chronic diseases, especially in those older adults who do not yet have established disability. This must be done by someone specialized with validated resources.

If we measure and analyze the frailty of an older adult, we can increase the certainty of:

• Provide appropriate treatments and predict the survival margin

• Make decisions based on age or without regard to subsequent sequelae

• Collaborate in decision-making with other specialists to provide continuity and improve the patient’s condition

• Detect in a timely manner and treat geriatric syndromes such as: immobility, incontinence, falls

• Minimize the impact of the disease on the functional situation of the patient, on their ability to do their basic daily activities (walking, dressing, eating, bathing …)

• Preparing the person in the best possible way to face a certain intervention, with the best guarantees of success

• Keep the older adult as well as possible

This comprehensive geriatric assessment will evaluate the functional, cognitive, emotional, clinical, nutritional and social aspects of the patient, to have a global vision of it.

At CasaMar we are continuously monitoring our patients thanks to our team of nurses and doctors specialized in geriatrics.
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