Old age and its stages.

Aging is a constant and inevitable process, although aging is thought as a stage, it consists of several and wide intervals where there will be physical and psychological changes.

For many years it was considered that old age began at 40 years of age! but today this age isn’t  longer considered as the beginning of old age, it is also avoided to classify people as elderly even after 60 – 70 years because is more abstract.

Currently, the person who is around this age is called as elderly, and to differentiate their stages they are usually classified as follows:
Seniors from 60 to 70 years
Seniors from 72 to 90 years
Seniors who has more than 90 years

It might seem as a general and simple criteria  to define old age since individuals can feel vigorous and independent, but the stages can help the person to take into consideration the adjustments that they must make in their day to day to be more careful and aware of special attention on certain activities, as well as on their health. We understand that the feeling of capacity and youthfulness give the necessary independence. And for this reason, there is disparity of opinions and unanimity, so this criteria is only valid to identify statistical and epidemiological levels.

Currently there is a tendency to use the socio-labor criteria to define old age, that is, from retirement, which now most of the cases are between 65 and 67 years. But this concept is also relative, since even the retirement age is changing, and part of it is because we are aware that people retain their physical, mental and cognitive abilities beyond 65 or 67 years.

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Marina Acera