Seniors mental health and how to take care of it.

This October 10th is commemorated the world day of mental health, this date seeks a call to action on the importance of detecting, treating, and avoiding mental disorders, especially in older adults. Although age is not enough to determine people’s health or limited performance, special treatment with older adults is essential.

Here are some tips on how to take care of their mental health, especially if they are in your care.

Take a daily walk

Going out to take fresh air is always beneficial and even better if it is on a walk or exercising, these activities bring positivism and with that a better mood as well as improving family relations.

Suggest new activities

It is important to maintain constant interaction with our older adults so that they do not feel excluded from activities that involve the use of new technologies, show them how to connect through virtual talks and provide, if they wish, spaces or activities for them to learn new things Learning new things, focus their attention on challenges as they arise, it will keep their mind exercised.

Provides affective listening

This is one of the greatest contributions you can make to someone’s life and it costs nothing! just pay attention to everything that the person wants to tell. It is necessary to avoid the loneliness that becomes daily but respecting their autonomy. Overprotection can lead to loss of meaning of life and a considerable deterioration of faculties due to the pressure to which they may be subjected.


An extra attention that we should not do without is to go to psychological evaluations every 2 months, to make sure that everything is fine and in case there are variations in their behavior, act promptly.

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