Is there a formula to live 100 years?

It seems that living a century is just question of luck, in addition to a full life of healthy habits and good genes should be the perfect combination to be able to live 100 years or more.

Although there have been cases that leave us questioning many things, for example, Jeanne Calment was a French woman who reached 122 years of life, and her routine included smoking 2 cigarettes daily and 2 lb of chocolate a week. On the other hand, a study on the Japanese island of Okinawa showed that half of the people was older than 100 years and they smoked, and a third part drank alcohol, yes, the opposite of what is indicated for a healthy diet. It can be thought that these people had such a powerful immune system and cell regeneration that it seems that they are not affected by environmental factors.

To solve this genetic peculiarity, several studies have been carried out that look for similar characteristics among those who have this extreme longevity in common. These particularities should produce proteins different from ordinary people with protective effects against diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular problems, although there is no exact formula with which we can be sure that we will reach this age, but is essential to keep in mind the next.

Where you reside plays an important role, where you live, also influences. The places in the United States with the highest longevity rates are at an average elevation of 1,818 meters above sea level. Whereas, in Japan, the average woman lives 87 years and the man 80; 82 and 77 live in the US, respectively.

Japan is popular for being a long-lived country, attributed to the consumption of green tea and fish. A study carried out on 40,500 Japanese showed consuming 5 or more cups of green tea reduced the risk of heart disease. While those who eat a lot of fish, for the omega 3, live 2.2 years longer on average.

Having sex is also favorable. One study found that men who have sex only once a month have a 45% higher risk of heart disease compared to those who have sex two or three times a week.

The hours of sleep influence the quality of life. Those who rest less than six hours a day are four times more likely to die early.

Perhaps this will be paving the way to increase our time in this world, but above all, we must always keep ourselves aware of living every day to the fullest and avoid worrying about things that we cannot change.

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