Know the benefits of hand and foot caring and Nailed it!

It is always nice to keep hands and feet in perfect condition, the safety and comfort that we feel with our hygiene is transmitted abroad so it will serve as a mood stimulator and for health reasons, especially by providing this care to seniors.

As we age, we must take extreme care of the hands and feet, we can see it for example in the feet, our fat decrease and leaving exposed joints and bones, therefore there is greater deterioration. Simple injuries like a blister can greatly affect mobility.

Keeping hands and feet moisturized using lotions and other creams to reduce nail and skin dryness will keep these sensitive areas protected and cared for in older adults. This work is exclusively for professionals, a manicurist or podiatrist, they will know how to identify which lotion is the most suitable for each type of skin and how to take care of the care of hands and feet in older people.

Hand and foot care represent an aesthetic issue. Sometimes older people can suffer from depression due to isolation or lack of activity, therefore, they may neglect their body image, but helping them maintain proper hand and foot hygiene will create a feeling of neatness in them and motivate them to improve other areas of your physical appearance, such as your hair and clothing.

Podiatry and manicure are a task that helps older adults to take care of their feet and hands, which undoubtedly improves the self-esteem of all people. By seeing groomed fingernails and toenails, seniors increase their self-esteem and are motivated to share socially, pushing away negative emotions such as depression, frustration, and isolation.

At CasaMar we have a manicurist and podiatrist service to attend to the needs of our residents on a monthly basis or whenever this is required. Your comfort is our priority always, come and know more about what CasaMar has for you!