Thalassotherapy for the elderly.

Having an ocean view is marvelous, and as the time goes by, we have discovered that its charm goes beyond its appearance. Seawater is composed of various minerals such as iodine, sodium, calcium, silicon and magnesium, among others, that our body can absorb, through our pores, when we come into contact with it. Ancient civilizations, like the Egyptian, millions of years ago uses sea water to treat various health problems, also algae, mud and even the sea breeze. Over the years this treatment has established itself as a recognized therapy and is called thalassotherapy.

Various studies and investigations have been carried out regarding the benefits of this therapy in older adults, and it has been proven that sea water provides hundreds of substances necessary for the body.

The special way in which it acts in the elderly is thanks to the subtlety with which the body acquires all the vitamins and minerals through osmosis, helping to improve their health by creating a barrier against bacteria and viruses.

Seaweed is also rich in minerals, vitamins, and protein. On the other hand, sea mud is used in many thalassotherapy body treatments in spas and similar centers. In addition, has the benefit of natural minerals from both water and soil, such as sulfur, magnesium, copper, iron and quartz.

Beach sand, for its part, helps the circulatory system, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, tones, natural exfoliates and has relaxing properties

The sea breeze offers excellent properties of the sea for the health of the elderly. It offers greater oxygenation of the skin, eliminates toxins, improves breathing, bone strength, naturally eliminates impurities, improves muscle strength, benefits the heart and increases joint mobility, the latter being a decisive factor in the reduction of mobility in the elderly as arthritis or pain occurs in these areas.

An important part of thalassotherapy is also phytoplankton. This provides energy, stimulates the formation of CO2 and helps the immune system. It is present in a number of marine species that spread phytoplankton through the sea and can be used for its major benefits.

It is always useful to know in detail the various alternatives and therapies to prevent or cure illness. At CasaMar, a group of geriatric professionals will be at your service to attend to your needs, all this with an stunning ocean view… Visit us! And enjoy your home a few steps from the Pacific Ocean.