Useful applications for seniors.

Today we cannot do without a mobile phone, even those who do not want to go with technological trends at a certain time will make a tablet or cell phone since it is already considered a basic necessity item. Above all, the elderly require one and it is understandable that they may require extra help to facilitate its use. In this occasion, we show you the applications that we consider most useful for the practical use of mobile devices of our older adults.

Safe365. This application serves as an assistant to stay geolocated at all times. Thanks to this app you will know the exact location of the other person, as well as the route they followed. It turns out to be very useful when your family member goes alone around the street, it is a great aid in case they have memory problems or become disoriented.

Find it in the following link:

Simple launcher. It makes the interface more pleasant and simple with buttons, icons and large letters and a simplified version of the apps such as calendar, phone or the list of installed applications.

You just need to download it and all changes will be done automatically. The screen will be large format for all those who complain about small letters or numbers. Also, it has an SOS button and a more specified interface. Find the application to download at the following link:

GOODEV amplifier. This is another essential app for grandparents. Everyone can have complaints about the volume so this app will amplify the volume of applications, music and alarms in a simple way and with a different quality than what is already integrated into the phone. Keep in mind to do not exceed the volume to avoid damaging the device and not being harmful to the person. Download the application at the following link:

Taking advantage of the benefits of technology to make life easier for us is a habit that we must adopt, especially if it keeps us calm and safe when interacting with our loved ones. At CasaMar we use technological tools so that our residents keep in touch with their loved ones at a distance, in addition to our team helping them whenever required.

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