Exercise: the main remedy against aging

Exercise: the main remedy against aging

With the issue of the global quarantine (which has already been extended to more than 40 days) we have seen various consequences, including one of the most notorious, the loss of physical activity due to the limitation of spaces. This has been affecting all sectors of the population, but… why the elderly mainly?

Strength is reduced along with muscle function, as we age this brings negative effects that lead to falls, fractures, and reduced mobility in elderly people. Muscle mass also decreases by 1% per year after age 60, while the loss of strength is faster at 3% per year. Reduced physical activity and muscle disuse accelerate muscle loss and decrease in strength.
According to data from the World Health Organization, it is essential to perform physical exercise frequently to avoid problems in the muscular and cardiorespiratory system; This could also affect bone health and help fight hypertension or diabetes; in addition to reducing the feeling of loneliness of our elders. It is also recommended to perform a minimum of 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity.

We understand that the changes that occur in the body are many over the years and this is completely normal as we get older and age.
Generally, the muscular keletal system undergoes various alterations that, occasionally, will not be an obstacle to the development of activities of daily living, but combined with other pathologies, whether physical or cognitive, can hinder mobility and, consequently, the autonomy of the person.

We invite you to keep the elderly in your care motivated and try to offer them options to activate their mobility. From accompanying him to the garden and performing subtle exercises or going to special places that offer scheduled activities.

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