Let’s travel from home! 360 Virtual tours, an excellent option for the elderly

Let’s travel from home! 360 Virtual tours, an excellent option for the elderly

In the old age, the physical condition of the elderly suffers considerably from the intense physical activity involved when traveling: long walks, transfers, carrying luggage, etc. So it can bring great nostalgia not being able to carry out these types of activities with the frequency or comfort of before, however, currently there are many more options to enjoy these walks and adventure … Technology has contributed greatly to get closer to people and places, yes, even visiting places from the comfort of a screen has become reality

Currently it has a very good option to do virtual tours where you can visit from a natural reserve to a museum completely free, you only need a mobile device or your desktop computer, an internet server and above all, lot of curiosity!

Visit the following links to start your tour, you just have to follow these steps:

1.- Click on the link of your choice

2.- At the bottom of the screen some arrows are shown, with them you can move on the screen and move forward in the route to the right, down, up …

3.- If you want to return to the main menu on the left side you will see the icon of a house, this will take you to the main menu

Are the Museums your obligatory destination? Visit the National Museum of Art


The tour to the Museum of Modern Art is also available


Do you like to visit emblematic places? Visit Palacio de Bellas Artes in Ciudad de México


Do you like adventure tourism? Discover the different options to visit in Chiapas!


Currently there are many alternatives to continue enjoying what we like, get to know this new way of traveling and make the most of it. We wish you a good trip!