How to avoid fall injuries in older adults

How to avoid fall injuries in older adults

It is common that the risk of falls increases at an older age, especially in the ages between 65 and 80, it becomes even more serious not only to suffer this accident but also the subsequent consequences such as causing some type of trauma or causing the loss of the autonomy of the elderly.

Falls in the elderly are usually caused by different factors, among which are:

Motor difficulty. This can occur when losing muscle mass and with this, loss of stability of the lower extremities, bringing with it lack balance and difficulty walking. Taking a 30-minute daily walk a day can help improve balance. If the older adult suffers from a health problem, it will be necessary to go to the doctor first so that he or she recommends with what moderation exercise should be done, a common condition that may be suffered is osteoporosis, it is also necessary that the doctor indicates if the consumption of calcium or Vitamin D is required.

Reduced vision. Vision problems are quite common in the elderly, this is directly a problem when perceiving the dimensions and proximity of things and spaces and consequently it can cause a fall. It is important to make a gradual visit to the ophthalmologist to bring the appropriate magnification and avoid vision problems.

Side effects of medications. These can affect vision and stability of movement in older people.

In addition to conditions such as arthritis, a history of a cerebrovascular accident with sequelae, Parkinson’s disease, or cognitive impairments such as dementia can cause mobility problems that lead to constant falls.

It is necessary to monitor the health status of the elderly to control the pathologies that can trigger a fall. Controlling blood pressure, as well as monitoring the deterioration of the muscles and joints will give us an advantage time to later treat any problems that may exist with rehabilitation or physical therapy. In addition, it is especially important to make the necessary adaptations in the environments where older people move, installation of handrails, ramps and handrails will reduce incidents.

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