How to deal with the aggressive episodes of a person with dementia

How to deal with the aggressive episodes of a person with dementia

When people take care of an older adult with dementia problems, they will have noticed that every day is particularly different, distinguished above all by behavior. As the disease evolves, they may notice that it is difficult to attend to them if there is aggression or agitation, for this reason, below we will show several useful tips for timely care in these cases.

If our family member is agitated, they will perceive restlessness, sleeping difficulty, aggressiveness in their speech and tone of voice until they manifest their anguish when throwing objects that are within their reach. On the other hand, if their behavior is more inclined to aggressiveness, it should be noted that this may be caused by the inability to express themselves. For this, it is necessary to be attentive and meticulous to find the cause of this discomfort, it is common for this to occur when the older adult does not understand why they must carry out duties such as bathing or sitting down to eat.

As we get to know our family member in these stages, we will be able to deal with these episodes more easily, however, it is recommended to:

  • Avoid arguing or forcing him to change his mind this will create an atmosphere of frustration for both of you.
  • Use alternative therapies that help to concentrate the energy and keep them busy, music therapy and exercises can help to relax.
  • Create a routine and avoid changes in it, if it is very necessary to carry out some unusual activity such as going to the doctor, it is best to raise it calmly and in detail.

If you consider that your relative requires specialized care, go to a retirement home, and seek assisted living or memory care services. This type of service provides detailed attention to people with memory problems in addition to offering all the comforts within the residence to avoid accidents and facilitate their movement.

At CasaMar Senior Living we offer various care options, one of them is memory care, come to one of our advisors to receive more information and discover how opting for this service can help improve the quality of life of your family member and for you.