Thoughts About Retiring to Mexico

Thoughts About Retiring to Mexico

Thoughts About Retiring to Mexico

Mexico is at the top of the most popular destinations to retire, all kinds of elder people coming mainly from the U.S. and Canada choose to move to Mexican cities; the reasons can be endless, since the kind of people who make this personal decision bring their own expectations about how to spend this important stage of their lives.

Who hasn’t dreamed about retirement as that utopic place having the most peaceful environment, full of amenities, close to the ocean where the sunny and warm weather of a coastal town welcomes you every morning; the process to reach the point where you can afford this lifestyle requires planning and a life of hard work for many, and still it is difficult to achieve in their home country.

Places in Mexico such as, Puerto Vallarta and San Miguel de Allende are popular among the thousands of American retirees who every year choose to spend their retirement years overseas and even have established communities where they enjoy better weather, relaxed lifestyles, and new experiences that in most cases results difficult to afford in the United States. This dreamed scenario represents a very drastic change for some people, in most cases separating themselves from family ties in their home country is not easy at all.

Why consider Baja California, Mexico as the Place to retire?


Retire in Baja California means for many Americans and Canadians that they can enjoy the future they worked for; not all of them ever thought that retiring in a foreign country would be an option, but after opening up to the possibilities have realized that retiring in Mexico is by far the greatest investment of their lifetime, especially for those who wish to remain close to their beloved ones. Tijuana and Rosarito are magnificent options because San Diego is really close, therefore they would be a few hours from the life they know.

Cost of living

Over several years people have found that it is not difficult to afford and accomplish their lifestyle expectations, actually, the cost of living is one of the main reasons that has brought hundreds of American citizens to retire in Mexico. A lot of important services like medical insurance plans and food are inexpensive, which allows them to live comfortably with their lifestyle. It is important to have in mind that the U.S health care plan does not cover your health in Mexico, but people can access excellent medical care and medical facilities for very little of the expenses of a private health care plan.

The purchasing power of the expat population and retirees allows great Real Estate deals, the Real Estate Markets offer a lot of possibilities to own their dream house at much lower costs than in the U.S. or Canadá. If your wish is to make Mexico your permanent residence, it is totally possible.

Quality of life

When choosing to retire in Mexico is important to think about your priorities and lifestyle expectations to decide on the perfect destination, owning a house in a beach town enjoying the stunning beauty of the Mexican landscapes, the warm weather, and the colorful culture may provide a healthier lifestyle to foreign retirees

While for others finding a retirement house where all this plus the amenities and services they need are provided, along with new good friends and all the peace and comfort they deserve; without all the paperwork.

It is all up to you! Once you have made the decision the only remaining aspect is to check your legal status in the country; which is quite simple to have in order.


Getting a Visa in Mexico is often an uncomplicated procedure; unlike other foreign countries, every visitor in Mexico gets a six-month tourist visa. It will depend on the length of the stay the kind of visa you need to apply for; for those who decide to spend a few months in the country every year, the tourist visa would be the shortest option.

Or retirees can choose to apply for a Retirement Visa or temporary resident visa; this is a more formal process that requires specific levels of income. It lasts for up to four years. If you can prove that you can support yourself and your dependents you will be eligible for this visa, and after 4 years you should be able to obtain a permanent resident visa.

At CasaMar we are happy to provide our clients with the highest quality of life and we open ourselves to the possibilities so that your retirement is the lifestyle you wish for.