Best places to live and retire in Mexico

Best places to live and retire in Mexico

Best places to live and retire in Mexico

There are several people who plan to retire this year and for the same reason they are looking for good Mexico retirement communities. Their priority is to find an area that is totally free from the stress that is experienced on a daily basis, where noise does not become a daily problem and where at the same time, they can carry out recreational activities.

In reality, there are a large number of older adults living in Mexico, it is estimated that there are more than 12 million. This has caused several communities to adapt to their needs, in order to ensure a safe place for the elderly to live comfortably. 

What places are the best to live in?

Although there are several popular cities where the elderly can find a good place to start with this new stage of their life, some of the most popular are the following: San Miguel de Allende, Cuernavaca, Playa del Carmen, Oaxaca, Morelia, Xalapa and Rosarito. But among these cities, Rosarito has become increasingly popular, for the cost of living, culture, beautiful spots and more.

Advantages of living in Rosarito

Rosarito is in Baja California and over time it has become another option to live after retirement, as it has a variety of squares, churches, gardens, etc. Everything necessary for the elderly to go out for a walk and have a day without any stress.

It has several tourist destinations that make this small community a unique and special area, where spending time is relaxing. It can also be said that it has everything, so it can cover all tastes, because the beauty of its nature is unique.

Both foreign and national older adults can perform several outdoor activities, such as practicing sports, going out to eat or even going to festivals. The amazing weather is warm and is usually the same for most of the year, so the older adults can enjoy the fun at all times.

In Rosarito, the elderly can find many historic sites, art festivals on the weekend, and  the standard of living is high, because besides having basic functionalities it has amazing food and beautiful architecture. 

It is important to mention that Rosarito is near Tijuana, a border town with San Diego, where the standard of living is exceptional and it has many beautiful surroundings. 

It is cheaper

For retirees from countries such as the United States and Canada, Baja California has also earned a very important place to live, due to its affordable prices. Well, due to the currency exchange, a pension like the one they receive in their countries of origin, can be more durable if it is administered in Mexico.

But regardless of the currency exchange, since it is a strategic place, they get more and better services than in other places. All this at more accessible prices than what they would normally be if they lived in another country or even in other states of Mexico.

It has one of the best gastronomies

Actually, it can be said that Baja California is full of unique places and each of those places can give you a different flavor. Being a city where many cultures coexist, several of its flavors have merged over the years, so there are unique dishes that you will not be able to find outside of Baja California.

This type of gastronomy fuses Mexican with Mediterranean and oriental food, creating a spectacular flavor that most people like. Being a place that is close to the port, a large part of its dishes are made with fresh products from the sea.

Clean and safe streets

Rosarito is one of the quietest places in Mexico, so it is normal to see older adults walking at almost any time of the day. In addition, to make things easier, the streets have been improved so that the elderly can walk without fear of falling or having difficulty moving their wheelchair.

To this we must add the kindness of the people, who always look for a way to offer a warm treatment to the elderly. Friendliness has also become a very noticeable characteristic of some parts of Baja California.

Quality health services

In Baja California the health of the elderly is taken very seriously, so for a long time it has been sought to obtain specialized places to be able to provide them the best services. Having a good infrastructure is only one of the things that have been implemented, it has also been possible to have teams of experts in the care of the elderly.

It is thanks to this that even older adults with chronic conditions have the assurance that the best care will be given to them at all times.

A special community

Formerly it was necessary to rent a house or buy it to be able to have a good time living in Baja California, but this method did not convince everyone. For this and other reasons, retirement communities became more popular.

Today, retirement communities have acquired an essential role within Baja California, which is why they are usually one of the main options that older adults contemplate before retiring.

Although a wide variety of communities can be found today, most offer different services, making it difficult to choose at times. Usually what makes it easier to select a retirement community is the quality of life that they can offer, but to know it, it is necessary to go to their facilities and speak with trained personnel.

The best place to live

When what the older adult seeks is to enjoy his retirement, living with all the luxuries he deserves for a long working life, then the best option is CASAMAR. We are one of the best retirement communities you can find, we offer specialized services so that the elderly feel good at all times and of course quality healthcare.

We offer a family environment to all guests, where they can have an excellent quality of life. It helps them by promoting their well-being in all senses, physical, emotional and spiritual, so that they can continue to socialize and enjoy every moment.

We host both national and international guests and they all have a warm and humane treatment. All in order to improve the quality of life of the elderly.