Mexico, a safe place to live.

Mexico, a safe place to live.

Mexico, a safe place to live.

Mexico has always been known for their traditional parties, good food, beautiful beaches and heartwarming people. A friendly neighborhood is always on the city map. Rosarito, a city in Baja. A city full of nostalgia when you take the sun in one if its beaches, when you take a walk feeling the sand under your skin. The perfect city for a calm life, and one of the safest cities in Baja.
A colorful place perfect for kids to play outside, and for grownups to leave their memories.

The safest place to retire in Mexico?

In a country full of delicious food and natural beauty with their beaches; Rosarito is one of the safest cities in Baja, ideal for the elderly to retire. Not only the cost of living in Mexico is budget friendly but it also has a beautiful environment with their nature and community, making it one of the best destinations when deciding where to retire.

Healthcare in Mexico

With the high costs when we talk about health, Mexico is well known for its affordable costs and good quality attention. The country is divided in two health sectors, the public and the private, both are open to take people and help them to have a better life. Talking about the benefit of having an affordable health sector and lifestyle, the cost of living in Mexico makes it the perfect country for retirement, and Baja, the best choice. In the region, Rosarito is one of the safest cities, not only with beautiful beaches, but also with good, affordable costs.
Casamar senior living is one of the nursing homes for the elderly in the city of Rosarito, a beautiful house with beach view and a quality staff.

Deciding where to retire

When deciding where to retire, you need to look for a city that gives your family member the calm and the health attention that they need. Remember to always look for their quality of life, and a place that gives them also a warm welcome; a good community helps to improve their state of mind. Their necessities are the priority.


Here in Baja, in the city of Rosarito, there are a few options that take care of the elderly. And having them in a safe space with the proper medical staff to help them will improve their quality of life.
Sometimes, our family member needs a specialist or a nurse to be with them the whole day and being in a nursing home will make them feel comfortable, loved and happy.

Having a professional staff to be with our beloved ones guarantee us that all their special necessities will be covered and that everyday they will have the proper care that they deserve. Even if we cannot be there the full time, a special staff will have everything covered.

Mexico retirement communities, nursing and rehabilitation services, food, and a comfy bed will show our beloved seniors how much we care about them and their health.