How to correctly choose a retirement community.

How to correctly choose a retirement community.

How to correctly choose a retirement community.

Think about your priorities

When choosing Mexico retirement communities, you must consider all your necessities and the kind of space you want to have. For example, if you like quiet places, maybe a house near the beach is not the best option because those places are usually full of tourist. The weather, the traffic, even how far away are the stores that you usually visit.

If you or a relative need special care, you might look for a place with a health care service, assisted living and not an independent living.


About the services they offer

The difference between an assisted living and an independent living is the kind of service they offer; in an independent living our senior relative will have to do everything by themselves. But in the assisted living, our family member will have skilled nursing staff, dining services and any additional services that they would need. Retirement communities do not always offer the same services, that is why we need to consider our senior relative’s necessities.

It is important to know the variety of amenities that the senior living communities offer and choose the ones that will actually help our relative to have a better quality of life.


Important factors in choosing a retirement community

Before choosing between the retirement communities, you need to consider not only the necessities of our beloved one but also the kind of community you are visiting. A senior community with assisted living (if they need it), social activities, the monthly expenses and how much care the people who work there will have to our family member.


In Mexico, there is not something like care retirement communities per se; the culture is more about family members taking care of our seniors; that’s why here in CASAMAR we want to keep that warm and home style feeling that Mexico has. We take care of the seniors just like if they were our own family. In fact, you can say we are a family; we might not share the same last name, but our hearts and our will to keep them safe, it is the same as a family.


Anticipate future events, cost and needs

When investing in retirement communities consider that it might have waiting lists, some admission requirements and a medical protocol in case of health complications. Senior living communities are specialist on long-term care of our beloved ones. Medicine or specific health expenses might not be included in the cost, also, consider if food and room services are part of the monthly payment. Remember to always have different options and try to visit all the places before taking any decision, people who already live in a senior community are the most valuable resources to help you choose a community for your beloved one.


Establish your budget and look for communities in your price range

Considering all the expenses (clothes, medicine, etc.) you have to look for a place that doesn’t exceed your monthly budget. Remember, that if you choose a retirement community with all the facilities, usually, it doesn’t include the medicine, so take that in mind when establish your budget. If it is an assisted living place, you can tell them since the beginning how much money you have destinated for the monthly payment.

Try not to hire a place that exceed your budget because it looks pretty, or an inexpensive place without the accommodations that are needed,  it is better to look for other options, budget friendly, with all the specifications that the care of our beloved senior need, and with staff that will help them to have a high quality and better experience and stay.