What recreational activities can be expected from a retirement home?

What recreational activities can be expected from a retirement home?

Assisted living facilities

Senior living communities has their own different system, and all the activities that they provide are depending, not only onto them, but also the needs of every patient. It might be an exceptionally good assisted living community providing medicine, care and attention to the residents but lack on social activities. Or an assisted living community with tons of recreational activities but the meals are not included. Let us clear out that these are only examples, but it is important to ask if they have all our interested and amenities that we want our beloved relative to enjoy on their daily living.     

Assisted living exercise activities 

It is important to ask on the assisted living community if there is a physiotherapist or any other medical staff that can work with the different care and needs of the residents. Because of their medical record or health conditions, some activities can be a little risky for some of the seniors. The kind of exercise can vary on every living community. Usually, they can do small exercise with their hands, puzzles, walking around the facility or a park, small exercise to stretch their legs, even dancing can be an exercise!
One of the highlights about a retirement community is the social life that the residents can experience by interacting with the other seniors there.   

Traditional festivals of the United States and Mexico

One of the things that our residents can enjoy with their families are the different type of festivals that the city has. For example, in Mexico you can find the día de Muertos festival, carnivals on different cities, the holy week with their different parades, town parties like on the Mexican Independence Day with fireworks and tons of food. There are different activities depending on the festivity.
On the United States we can find easter, Mardi Gras, the 4th of July, Halloween, and thanksgiving where a lot of people reunite with their families to thank for another year together. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas can be also a good holiday to spend with our beloved seniors and show them how much we care about them.        

Book club

One of the calmest recreational activities can be a book club! Maybe on an assisted living facility not all the residents can join because of their health situations, but on a senior living facility most people can be part of it. Even families can enjoy this activity and share their thoughts about the book with their beloved elder.
A book club will also help our seniors to increase their ability to process information, it is an amazing way to keep our brain focus!
A book club will not only help them cognitively but also will help them to socialize on their daily life

Movie night and board games

A movie night it is perfect for an assisted living facility. All seniors can join and have fun, it is probably one of their favorite activities. It will not only help them to focus on the plot, but also, it can help them to remember their young days.
Board games can also be a good idea for a daily activity, it will motivate their brain function to keep on the game by the rules and create strategies. Also, if they need to grab small pieces, it will help them with their hands. 

Choosing the right assisted living facility for you

To choose the right facility it is important to consider the type of care that we want on our senior’s life.
If our beloved elder, for example, cannot move without a wheelchair and cannot grab things by themselves, then, probably a facility with tons of physical activities will not work for them.
The distance, the services, the other residents, you must consider everything that comes around our senior’s wellbeing. Do not be shy, ask all the questions you want; at the end of the day, everything is about our loved senior.