What kind of security does a retirement home have?

What kind of security does a retirement home have?

Check-in areas for visitors 

In CASAMAR we do not let everyone to enter the house or take their relatives for a trip. Why? You may ask, but it is simply because we are here to take care and protect our elders. They can go out with their family members but needs to have a previous authorization by the member who sign up our elder into the house. It is especially important to us our resident’s security and integrity. 

It is important to ask the nursing home if they have some check-in areas, or if they ask for an ID or name before they visit their family member and to the outside workers that might enter the house too.   

Security cameras 

It is important for the nursing homes to have security cameras not only for the safety of the staff, but also to be more precautious with the care of the elderly. You cannot never have too much security when we talk about taking care of people, and more if these people need assisted living care. The security cameras will help us to have a better reach to our residents and be able to help them sooner and at any time of the day. Just remember, the assisted living facilities have staff all day and night long. 

Privacy inside your rooms

Although it is important to have cameras inside the resident’s rooms, privacy is a key for them to trust you. Here, in CASAMAR, only the head nurse is in charge of the cameras inside the rooms, at nights; with this, the residents can feel safe, because not everyone is looking. 

It is particularly important to add that CASAMAR is an assisted living facility, that means that the residents need medical staff to be with them most part of the time. The level of care is quite different than a senior living facility, because here, our lovely elders cannot do their basic living stuff by themselves.  

Infrastructure that allows adequate mobility for the elderly

Not only the security inside the house it is important, but also the structure of it. A nursing home care needs to be adequate for all the residents necessities, they need to be safe all the time and that means having a proper space where they won’t get hurt; for example, a bed rail if it’s needed, outside doors locked, bathrooms with the proper equipment , etc. Our beloved family members will need a different kind of space to move around the house, not only because of their age, but also, for their medical condition. 

Specialized medical service

Every nursing home care has their own rules, the eligibility, health services and programs; always be sure that is the right kind of place you want your elderly to live. Do not hesitate to ask about the eligibility, income and the care services that they offer.

Let us not forget if they offer specialized medical service in long-term care situations if its needed. Our beloved family members need to be not only comfortable but also with the proper medical staff that they need.    

Care of belonging in public spaces 

There are nursing homes that also offers group trips to the residents; do not hesitate to always ask about the logistic of the trip. As our seniors grow older, most of them might start to forget little details like their personal belongings when they are on a trip (example; their purse), so being with someone from the staff it is without a doubt something important. 

Inside the CASAMAR house, residents can have their belongings inside their room; but they can also have stuff like a book or a toy on the living room. Those kind of things, and even their clothes are marked with the resident’s name.