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With the arrival of this season, there is also the arrival of their characteristic flavors, and what more traditional flavor than pumpkin. Without a doubt, it is a versatile food that is enjoyed at any age thanks to all its ways of preparing it, whether in salad, desserts, soups etc. In addition to its peculiar and delicious taste, it turns out to be very beneficial for health since it has innumerable properties that can help our older adults a lot to stay healthy and prepare for the low temperatures ahead.

In this month of awareness regarding one of the diseases that most afflict the world's population, it is very important to emphasize the importance of a balanced diet as a method of prevention, however, this does not guarantee that the disease will not appear, because this depends on many factors as well as being more prone to reach an advanced age.


The next is a list of the foods whose properties turn out to be very beneficial

  • Linseed

Professor Ellen Bialystok's study has analyzed the impact of bilingualism for several years.

The teacher and her collaborators, prevented that intellectually active people or with extensive education are mostly protected with cognitive aging, but with their study they have shown that the habitual use of two languages ​​is also a protective factor.

In 2010 his team of researchers found that in bilingual people began to appear Alzheimer's symptoms up to 5 years later compared to monolingual people.

On this occasion we will discuss a new issue that is very important to keep in mind when treating an older adult on a daily basis, it is estimated that worldwide more than 80% of older adults have a hearing loss, this is mainly caused by the auditory contamination of the space.

The main consequences that this disease brings is when they felt apart and with it the decline of their mood and the quality of life in general.

We use the internet for basically everything in our day-to-day life, it is hard to imagine that at this time some people want to avoid using it because they consider it complicated, however, it is more common than we think.

 Some people belong to the generation were the use of technological devices was not essential to carry out their work, or their school tasks, or daily tasks and practically nothing, so they tend to show complete disinterest in smartphones, computers and any technology that uses the internet (with how easy daily life comes back, we know that).