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Previously, it had been mentioned that it is of the utmost importance to be attentive to the routines and habits of the elderly in order to prevent injuries and illnesses, in some cases diseases can occur that are inevitable, so we can only focus our efforts on controlling the symptoms, avoiding pain, improving functionality or preventing from further deterioration, so this time we will give some recommendations to treat arthritis.

Senior’s leave behind great legacies in terms of knowledge, experience and personal anecdotes to family and friends. In the same way their personality will be reflected on their belongings, this is why this is of sum importance. Ordering all valuable objects, whether sentimental or any kind, is a task that must be given time and patience since we are talking about a lifetime compendium of things.

You can find them dried, canned and fresh, white, golden, small and even giant, in any of their presentations, they have shown incredible properties. Do you need more clues?

We are talking about mushrooms, including them in our daily preparations should be part of our eating routine, not only because of its versatility when using them in our dishes but for its enormous benefits.

"Friendship multiplies the good things of life and divides evil."  said Baltasar Gracian  This affirmation, with the pass of the years, becomes an absolute truth. As you get older, visiting your friends is less frequent (and happens the same with social life) as long as you become a senior the number of friends is greatly reduced, which is more damaging of what you can think. A study conducted in Finland ensures that older adults who live alone are more likely to develop dementia among other mental deficiencies and health issues related to loneliness such as obesity, depression, diabetes and others.

En los últimos años, un pequeño rincón de Baja California se ha convertido en el punto de encuentro de cientos de adultos mayores que buscan paz y tranquilidad en un lugar que sea asequible y les permita estar cerca de sus seres queridos. A solo 30 minutos al sur de la frontera de EE. UU. Y México, una de las comunidades de expatriados de más rápido crecimiento está prosperando en el Corredor Ensenada de Baja California. ¿El nombre? Rosarito.