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Retire in Baja California is quite common, since many older people, especially Americans, prefer this place to enjoy their old age, since at this stage what they want is to be able to enjoy peace and quality of life. Because of this many people look for a real estate agency to buy a house and be able to enjoy this place, this is a good plan, until the ravages of old age begin to become visible. When this happens, it is necessary that the elderly receive healthcare in order to continue enjoying a good quality of life and to have the best possible health. 

This is why when a person seeks retirement in Baja Mexico, we are one of the first options. At CasaMar Senior Living one of the things that makes us stand out as a retirement home in Baja Mexico is our location. We have the best facilities for our residents to enjoy all the comforts possible, including a beautiful ocean view, as we are located in Rosarito Beach, one of the best places in the estate of Baja Mexico. Our facilities are first class, we have all the luxuries to offer a pleasant beach stay. 

The care and attention offered by CasaMar Senior Living staff is completely personalized to each individual. We ensure all of our staff members have extensive hospitality experience in order to make you feel at home. 

As a retirement home in Rosarito Beach Baja Mexico, these are some of the first class amenities we offer: 

  • A personal medical physician for the healthcare of our residents
  • Nursing services, nutritionist, and physiotherapist for the healthcare of our residents
  • Daily onsite meals prepared by our chef
  • Daily housekeeping and laundry services
  • Salon and spa services
  • Shuttle service
  • Wireless internet access
  • State-of-the-art cinema theater
  • Wellness center with scheduled group activities
  • Concierge service desk


Ocean View
These are just some of the amenities we offer at our facility and with them we seek to improve the quality of life of our residents in their old age with good health care. In part, this is why we are located in Rosarito Baja Mexico, a beach town whose location helps to enhance the retirement experience.

We also have different activities that are useful for the good living of our residents.



At CasaMar Senior Living, we offer several scheduled activities per month to maintain a fun and healthy environment and a good healthcare for our retirement community. Each of our residents will have the opportunity to join our scheduled activities throughout the week. Staying in at CasaMar can be just as fun as going out! The following scheduled activities are made available to each of our residents:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Reading club
  • Movie nights
  • Weekly shopping trips to enjoy the city life
  • Table games
  • Physical and mental wellness activities to improve the healthcare 
  • Birthday celebrations

Celebration of traditional US/Mexico holidays
Our amenities and activities make us stand out as a retirement home in Baja Mexico, as we provide everything possible to make the most of our residents’ time, with activities that take place every month and weekly trips for shopping in the city.

In addition, our property is located in one of the most beautiful places in the city with the best views and the best weather, which is quite beneficial for the welfare and comfort of our residents.

And finally, another reason why people choose us as a place to retire is because of the cost of living. Usually people have their retirement savings, however these may not be enough for a luxurious retirement home in places like the United States of America or even Canada. However, the investment of a retirement home like ours located in a town with an ocean view and for a much lower cost is more attractive. You can find the same program, security, luxury and plan, with the same quality as in the United States of America, for a much lower price in our retirement community. 

So now you know, if you are looking for a retirement home with all the luxuries and comforts for a good price. CasaMar Senior Living is your best option. Contact us for more information!

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