About Us

   About Us
Built in 2017, CasaMar Senior Living is a luxury boutique assisted living community. As a family-owned retirement community, we believe that quality of life should and must be held to the highest standard. Our professional staff is trained to offer our residents the indispensable, providing among all, a family environment.

CasaMar Senior Living is located a short and scenic 30-minute drive down the Baja coast from the US/Mexico international border in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. Our community resides just minutes from the beach and has incredible panoramic ocean views.

At CasaMar, experience the life of luxury you deserve. We invite you to join our family! Contact us today.

Mission Statement, Vision, and Values

Our mission statement
At CasaMar, our mission is to provide the highest level of care and to prioritize quality of life for all of our senior residents. We strive to provide an environment where we can foster the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our residents.

Our vision
CasaMar is determined to be the number one choice in senior living to all California and Baja California residents. Our health enhancing programs are individually tailored to each resident’s physical and emotional circumstances. We listen to your needs as well as your family and loved ones in order to provide peace of mind. We strive to create an embracing, thriving environment in our community.

    • Righteousness of Intent: Authentic and personalized interest in each of our residents, and in everything that improves their quality of life.
    • Honesty: To speak and treat our residents and their relatives with transparency. We seek to be truthful, reasonable, and fair.
    • Commitment: We have the duty to comply with what we propose and we transfer this value to the service we offer our residents and their families.
    • Responsibility: We are aware of the importance of faithful fulfillment of the obligations acquired, particularly those acquired with our residents and their families.
  • Continuous learning: We believe in the importance of training, in particular the issues related to our work at CasaMar, to improve the services we offer.