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Common conditions in older adults Pt.2 – Arthritis

Previously, it had been mentioned that it is of the utmost importance to be attentive to the routines and habits of the elderly in order to prevent injuries and illnesses, in some cases diseases can occur that are inevitable, so we can only focus our efforts on controlling the symptoms, avoiding pain, improving functionality or preventing from further deterioration, so this time we will give some recommendations to treat arthritis.

Arthritis is caused by the deterioration or wear of the cartilage that protects the joints and prevents friction between the bones, providing smooth movements. The degradation of cartilage can cause bones to come into contact at certain times, causing the characteristic symptoms of arthritis: pain, inflammation, decreased ability to move the joint, redness of the joint area and stiffness upon awakening.

The best way to treat this condition is physiotherapy, with daily exercises you can improve the flexibility of the affected joints and strengthen the muscles to allow their movement. Massages and hydrotherapy can also give good results.

Other recommendations such as choosing a diet that incorporates foods with lot of Omega-3, in addition to fruits, vegetables and to help loose weight since obesity can aggravate the condition. It is also necessary to avoid staying in the same position for a long time and to sleep well.

Remember the importance of having your older relative on a good diet accompanied by good habits and rest. At CasaMar Senior Living, we have a complete team that will meet the needs and take care of the health of your loved one.

Among the services we offer, your family member will find physical therapies, supply of medicines and the appropriate diet.

Offer your loved one an environment where his health is our priority. Contact us for a schedule tour

The invaluable heritage of memories.

Senior’s leave behind great legacies in terms of knowledge, experience and personal anecdotes to family and friends. In the same way their personality will be reflected on their belongings, this is why this is of sum importance. Ordering all valuable objects, whether sentimental or any kind, is a task that must be given time and patience since we are talking about a lifetime compendium of things.

While all the belongings that the older adult may have meant something to him, it is very important to give support so that he can discern which objects have a high sentimental value and consider making them part of his legacy by leaving them to a family member or friend who knows that he will appreciate them.

This activity will be very satisfying for the older adult and for the companion in this task, since it will be a way of demonstrating the appreciation and understanding that he has.

For example, some older people resorted to making books with recipes to which they added their personal touch, suggesting that the older adult leave this collection of recipes to a son or grandson who has a fondness for original dishes will be a way to stay present in the family for posterity. It is also common that seniors in the family tend to have a collection of photographs, a set of memories of this type has a great emotional value that will be invaluable to the relatives to whom they are assigned, and if in the future if this photographic memories are showed to them, this will help the elderly memories and bring to the present moments that were important. There may also be some collection of books which the adult has felt identified or notebooks with curious notes or anecdotes that can talk a lot about the personality of our loved one.

As already mentioned, there may be many things that will be very necessary to get rid of, however, this detachment must be subtle and always reminding the older adult that he should give preference to the essential. Encouraging the elderly to give a second life to their material assets by making donations to an important cause or to those who need it most will make the person take this process better.

At CasaMar we know how important your loved one is and everything that makes it up, therefore, we offer wide and adequate spaces so that you can take your most precious belongings to your new home. The family will also have a new house where to spend the weekends of visit and a home where to create new memories! Contact Us for a tour of our facilities


The best ally for memory grows on humid and dark places!

You can find them dried, canned and fresh, white, golden, small and even giant, in any of their presentations, they have shown incredible properties. Do you need more clues?

We are talking about mushrooms, including them in our daily preparations should be part of our eating routine, not only because of its versatility when using them in our dishes but for its enormous benefits.

A study carried out by the Dept. of Physiological Medicine and the Dept. of Biochemistry of the National University of Singapore that summarized from 2011 to 2017 with more than 600 elderly patients from 60 years showed that cognitive deterioration was significantly reduced (compared to other participants of the same age) having supplemented their diet with an average intake of 150 grams of mushrooms a week. It was even found that a portion less than the mentioned could have benefits in terms of reducing the possibility of deterioration.

Researchers suggest that the decrease in cognitive decline may be due to a specific compound found in almost all varieties of mushrooms, Dr. Irwin Cheah said that the compound they are most interested in is ergothioneine, since “it is a unique antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that humans can not synthesize on their own. But you can get it from dietary sources, one of the main ones are mushrooms ”

Other compounds in the mushrooms showed to be beneficial to diminish the risk of suffering cognitive deterioration. The hericenones, erinacines, scabronines and dictyophorines favor the synthesis of nerve growth factors.

Always keep in mind good eating habits, remember that food is essential to avoid certain diseases. At CasaMar, we prioritize the good nutrition of our residents, as well as seek the most balanced option according to their needs.

On a guided tour, you can get to know our menu as well as our cuisine, attended by nutritionists and chefs. Visit CasaMar today!

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Common conditions in older adults pt1: Eschars for mobility decrease

It is common for older adults, as the years go by, to reduce more and more their mobility, the main reason is that energy is not the same. However, staying a long time in the same position, whether lying down or sitting, increases the risk of eschars. Pressure sores or ulcers are skin lesions that form where there is more closeness of skin with bone such as ankles, heels, and hips, they can also be caused by lack of moisture, weight loss, and circulation problems.

It is very important to be alert and prevent the formation of these injuries as they can cause serious infections.

To prevent our elderly from suffering from eschar, it is necessary:

  • Care for skin hygiene by keeping it always clean and moisturized with special creams.
  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and try to change the position of the older adult
  • Use products that relieve pressure (pillows, sponge mattress, foam)
  • Perform gentle circular massage on the skin without wounds
  • Elude tension in the skin: avoiding dragging the body of the elderly. Hence the importance of having expert nursing assistants.

Remember that at CasaMar we have professional nurses as well as trained personnel to meet the needs of our guest. Our professionals have the experience to offer human quality care.

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Summer tips for our seniors

The favorite season of the year for beach lovers is here, and also the high temperatures, sun’s rays exposure, and if we have air conditioning, recurrent changes in temperature. In this season, it is necessary to pay special attention to older adults especially if they suffer from kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases or if they take diuretic medicines, among others, since they interfere mainly in their body temperature and their capacity to adapt to high temperatures and with it probable dehydration.

The key is food, this will be the ally in the control of body temperature in these hot months. By consuming certain foods and eliminating others, it will be possible to avoid heats and excessive sweating.

The main foods that provide minimum calories are fruits, vegetables, and fresh vegetables and seasonal, which are also very high in vitamins and minerals. It is advisable to offer mainly full salads, cold cakes, stuffed eggs or simple skewers to avoid decompensation and loss of proteins.

It is also recommended that they consume 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. Some foods provide liquids, but still, it is necessary to take all kinds of drinks, juices, milk, soup, tea or coffee, which can also include other nutrients, without forgetting the best option that is simple water.

Finally, most changes in the skin are related to sun exposure, therefore, prolonged exposure to the sun should be prevented daily (over time recovering from this can be more difficult and complicated) if necessary you should always apply them good quality sunscreen when seniors are outdoors, even in the winter. It is also advisable to wear protective clothing and a hat if necessary.

Do not forget that this season is the best time to go for a walk and relax, visiting the beaches is always a good idea!