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The main purpose of 2020: to improve the quality of life of our older adults!

With the arrival of this new year, the desire to do most of our activities in the best way possible, meet our goals and resume our day-to-day priorities is first of all in our mind. If we add to this to have an elderly adult under our care, we know that their well-being is also part of our purposes, for this reason, the year that is already at the door invites us to resume what perhaps without realizing it was losing relevance in the last months of the year But that, it is history of 2019, now, maintaining our purpose throughout the year may be possible with a little help

To consider in our plans a retirement home can be considerably beneficial for us and for the person we have in our care, starting with the specialized care that is provided in these spaces whether they suffer from any condition or not. Consider taking advantage of the services offered by these places can greatly improve the quality of life of our family members in the food, social, therapeutic field among many others.

Learn more about the services that a retirement home can offer, and why CasaMar offers exceptional service in the Rosarito-Tijuana and San Diego regions

On behalf of our entire team, we hope that all your purposes this new year are fulfilled and we look forward to helping you fulfill them too!

The pleasure of working during retirement

For some people retirement is a long-awaited time in which the last thing they would think about is working, however, for some this does not go with their routine since time without being busy becomes tedious and boring. In this article our central theme is about that; What alternatives exist once retirement knocks on the door?

Although, working for a company is no longer an option (in some companies it is forbidden to establish contracts with people who are already retired) but there are many other alternatives that can become part of the daily routine and even be paid, here are some examples:

Consulting service

If your passion is still everything related to your profession, this is an excellent opportunity to continue sharing ideas and different points of view. Specialized companies like to hire more personalized consulting services to deal with problem solving or simply to have a broader picture on cases of study, so you can approach companies related to your area of ​​knowledge to offer your services as a external consultant.


The best thing about retirement is to be able to have your time the way you want, but if you are looking for activities to do that do not require your full time presence you can choose to volunteer. Whether in a charitable institution, in sporadic social assistance activities or perhaps a program abroad that allows you to learn more about a subject or to know another cultures, volunteering is always an excellent option to meet more people and lend your time to causes that make you feel satisfied.

Tourist guide

Being passionate about history is a quality that can lead you to meet many people while doing what you like. You may wonder, in what way? Well, being a tour guide. If you have had the opportunity to know different places and get into their most relevant traditions, customs and curios information, you can surely offer this service, if on the other hand, you are an expert in everything your city has and offers, you will not have to move! There are currently many applications in which you can register and offer your services, as well as obtain a payment established for it.

Work in your hobby

Having a hobby along with your daily life should make you, at the time of your retirement, an expert. Therefore, in your retirement you can get the most out of it. Hobbies such as baking, carpentry, painting, gardening, etc. they can become a business and thereby earn extra income.

Retirement is one of the best stages of life, whether you decide to spend it resting or retaking your hobbies, do not forget that the main thing is to enjoy it to the fullest!

Welcome autumn and your pumpkins!

With the arrival of this season, there is also the arrival of their characteristic flavors, and what more traditional flavor than pumpkin. Without a doubt, it is a versatile food that is enjoyed at any age thanks to all its ways of preparing it, whether in salad, desserts, soups etc. In addition to its peculiar and delicious taste, it turns out to be very beneficial for health since it has innumerable properties that can help our older adults a lot to stay healthy and prepare for the low temperatures ahead.

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Good nutrition in the elderly to prevent breast cancer

In this month of awareness regarding one of the diseases that most afflict the world’s population, it is very important to emphasize the importance of a balanced diet as a method of prevention, however, this does not guarantee that the disease will not appear, because this depends on many factors as well as being more prone to reach an advanced age.


The next is a list of the foods whose properties turn out to be very beneficial

  • Linseed

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Bilingualism vs Alzheimer

Professor Ellen Bialystok’s study has analyzed the impact of bilingualism for several years.

The teacher and her collaborators, prevented that intellectually active people or with extensive education are mostly protected with cognitive aging, but with their study they have shown that the habitual use of two languages ​​is also a protective factor.

In 2010 his team of researchers found that in bilingual people began to appear Alzheimer’s symptoms up to 5 years later compared to monolingual people.

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Common conditions in older adults Pt2: Deafness

On this occasion we will discuss a new issue that is very important to keep in mind when treating an older adult on a daily basis, it is estimated that worldwide more than 80% of older adults have a hearing loss, this is mainly caused by the auditory contamination of the space.

The main consequences that this disease brings is when they felt apart and with it the decline of their mood and the quality of life in general.

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From letters to e-mail – Teaching our elders how to use the internet

We use the internet for basically everything in our day-to-day life, it is hard to imagine that at this time some people want to avoid using it because they consider it complicated, however, it is more common than we think.

 Some people belong to the generation were the use of technological devices was not essential to carry out their work, or their school tasks, or daily tasks and practically nothing, so they tend to show complete disinterest in smartphones, computers and any technology that uses the internet (with how easy daily life comes back, we know that).

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