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Be my healthy heart for this valentine

We know that every day means an opportunity to show the love we feel for our loved ones, but a particular date gives us many options to do it with a present. Valentine’s Day is an excellent excuse to give that special gift to those we love most and who does not like sweets, chocolates, ...

Tips to increase the value of your money for your retirement

There is no doubt about it, if we talk about retirement, a quiet, peaceful and worry-free stage comes to mind, but it is not exempt from asking us many things and making assumptions about the economic field.  The main reason is that, if we are used to have a lifestyle makes us wonder if it ...

The main purpose of 2020: to improve the quality of life of our older adults!

With the arrival of this new year, the desire to do most of our activities in the best way possible, meet our goals and resume our day-to-day priorities is first of all in our mind. If we add to this to have an elderly adult under our care, we know that their well-being is also ...

The pleasure of working during retirement

For some people retirement is a long-awaited time in which the last thing they would think about is working, however, for some this does not go with their routine since time without being busy becomes tedious and boring. In this article our central theme is about that; What alternatives exist once retirement knocks on the ...

Welcome autumn and your pumpkins!

With the arrival of this season, there is also the arrival of their characteristic flavors, and what more traditional flavor than pumpkin. Without a doubt, it is a versatile food that is enjoyed at any age thanks to all its ways of preparing it, whether in salad, desserts, soups etc. In addition to its peculiar ...
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