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Knowing CasaMar Boutique Senior Living

By 14th March, 2019 Retirement Comments Off

It is on the table the plan to start a new phase in a retirement home, with specialized care, the opportunity to interact with different people daily, specialized care programs and medical attention 24 hours a day, then, the next step to make a final decision is to visit the place.

It is recommendable to list in advance all the questions you may have prior to booking your appointment to have a guided tour, it is important that they can clarify any doubts you have regarding the activities they offer, specialized care, who are the doctors and their experience.

If you are in charge of an older person, it is completely necessary and recommended that your relative take the tour, it is essential that the future resident live this experience and know every corner of what can become their next home.

Once your family member knows the areas designed specially for their comfort he can be ensured of the care he will receive from our staff, identify the different physical and therapeutic activities that are performed and also know about the doctors who will be in charge of their well-being. This will bring them a closer experience and will remain calm with their decision.

CasaMar is an excellent place to live, visit us to see for yourself the exclusivity of this place and the first class services we offer.

Give your loved one the opportunity to decide how and where he wants to live to the maximum his retirement.

We ensure that in each CasaMar boutique senior living space they will feel safe and happy.

How to avoid lack of appetite in older adults (Hyporexia)

By 1st March, 2019 Retirement Comments Off

With aging diet changes are common, the intake of meals is reduced and in some cases, until the appetite is lost, sometimes this behavior is taken with normality since the necessities and the physical effort are minor, also strong medications influence and the change of perception on smells and tastes

Another factor that can cause lack of appetite has to do with isolation, some are facing losses or treating diseases, so they are interned frequently and this directly affects their mood.

Even with this, it is very important to monitor these changes because they can be associated with a disease called hyporexia, characterized mainly by lack of appetite.

The main consequence of this condition is malnutrition that has even more serious consequences if you already have a disease such as diabetes, gastritis, hypertension and other diseases that can get worse to the point of complicate on great measure a recovery.

With the above we can take action to prevent the hyporexia that leads to malnutrition with these tips:

  •  Increase the energy value of foods, including milk powder, cheese or broths in small portions, not increasing the amount they consume.
  •  Keep your meal schedule and always meet your needs even outside the established hours.
  • Increase the number of meals in the day by offering small portions of food, this will help to have more appetite at the next meal.
  • Give them time to eat and always in company.
  • The food should not be too hot since it causes them to feel satisfied faster and give them foods that are easily chewed.
  • Try a diverse menu with attractive flavors.

At CasaMar we take care of our seniors being continually aware of their eating habits. We have specialized chefs and spaces that promote convivence among our residents, we believe that this is the ideal combination their meals will be always a warm and satisfying experience.

Come to CasaMar and know everything we have for you and your loved ones!



Quality of Life: Retirement home’s main offer.

By 22nd February, 2019 Retirement Comments Off

In the previous blog we mentioned that the main thing for older adults is to maintain the convivence and sociability with other people, and due to the current pace of time we do not spend enough time that is needed at their side, and with many other necessary things in terms of care, they might need.

Have you considered the option of having your elderly relative taken care of in a retirement home?

It is understandable that you think that no one could take care of them, better than you at home, however, sometimes your loved one requires more care than it is in your hands to provide at home.

On this occasion, we will consider a comparison of the attentions that are given in the home and those that are in a specialized place, from this you could make the decision:  In which site will my loved one be safer?

Adequate spaces

Older adults require large spaces that facilitate their mobility, thereby decreasing the risk of falling; likewise, specific spaces such as stairs, bathrooms, showers, corridors, and rooms must have handles.

It is possible that the distribution of your home does not lend itself to adapt it with the necessary, for that reason, a retirement home that has these facilities will make the displacement of people more practical and thereby maintain their individuality.

Physical and recreational activities

It is very necessary to closely monitor the physical activity that seniors maintain, sedentary lifestyle and isolation should be avoided at all costs, both of them are difficult to handle when we cannot spend full time with our relatives.

Currently, the retirement homes offer specialized programs to keep their residents active because this is a fundamental part of maintaining good health.


The diet is a fundamental part to avoid diseases in our seniors, adequate food to their needs should be prepared with special caution something that could be more laborious when preparing the usual meals for everyone in the house.

 The personnel in charge of the meals in a retirement home take these particular cares in addition to elaborate specific diets for their residents as well as the corresponding medical follow-up to avoid any type of allergy or digestive problem.

Medical attention

In a retirement home, your relative will have specialized care 24 hours a day. This attention goes from having expert people taking care of them to avoid accidents, follow-up in the taking of medicines, as well as instant medical attention when this is required.

As a family retreat community, we believe that the quality of life must be maintained at the highest level. Our staff, composed of professionals, is trained to offer our residents the indispensable, providing a family environment among all. Visit us today and know what CasaMar has to offer you and your loved ones!

Friendship and sociability, the new medicine

By 12th February, 2019 Retirement Comments Off

“Friendship multiplies the good things of life and divides evil.”

 said Baltasar Gracian  This affirmation, with the pass of the years, becomes an absolute truth.

As you get older, visiting your friends is less frequent (and happens the same with social life) as long as you become a senior the number of friends is greatly reduced, which is more damaging of what you can think. A study conducted in Finland ensures that older adults who live alone are more likely to develop dementia among other mental deficiencies and health issues related to loneliness such as obesity, depression, diabetes and others.

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La Vie en Rosarito

By 30th January, 2019 Retirement Comments Off

In recent years a small corner in Baja California has become the meeting point for hundreds of seniors who seek peace and tranquility on a place that is affordable and allows them to be close to their loved ones. Just 30 minutes south of the U.S.-Mexico border, one of the fastest growing expat communities is thriving in Baja´s Ensenada Corridor.
The name? Rosarito.

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I want to spend my retirement in Mexico! (Part 2)

By 17th January, 2019 Retirement Comments Off

Previously, we commented how beneficial it can be for your budget to spend your retirement in Mexico, as well as the pleasant climate in most regions and the facility to communicate (as English speakers are increasing), food, First class retirement homes among many other things that make you think.

Why did not I consider it before?

 If all these benefits have already put Mexico on the top of your list of retirement plans, you should know more in detail how to do it in the right way, regardless of the place you choose to spend your retirement you need to do it legally and following all protocols to avoid all discomfort.

So … What should you do to be able to live in Mexico?

Just follow these steps. We guarantee that it will be easy and simple. In just 10 days you can get a resident visa! (Maybe you’ll spend more time choosing the clothes you’ll bring).

First, you must go to a consulate of Mexico in your country, and from there fill out the application for a temporary resident visa, you will complete this process with photos and your passport. Some of the requirements involve that you show bank accounts and check and where you are going to reside in the country. This will not imply a major problem since you only have to go to the bank where your monthly pension is deposited and request an account statement or record of your bank movements, a check minimum monthly income of $ 1,500 USD and in case of being dependent $ 520 USD per month. To check where you are going to reside it will be enough providing the address of the place you intend to rent or the escrow that you are going to acquire, in the retirement homes it is sufficient to provide the address and the service contract.

Practical right?

Besides being easy and simple, acquiring your visa only costs $ 36 USD and can be requested for 1 to 4 full years, after this (we are sure you’ll want to do it) you can apply for a permanent resident visa, this doesn’t have an expiration date and gives you rights and responsibilities as a Mexican citizen including the right to work, in case you want to do so. For now, continue with the original retirement plan and consider enjoying all this warm country has to offer.

I want to spend my retirement in Mexico!

By 3rd January, 2019 Retirement Comments Off

Yes, it seems like a hasty idea in the plans of someone who has lived all his life in the same country. And being accustomed to living comfortably anywhere makes you forget the idea that there could be a better place, however, there must be something very good in this country, that’s why more than 1 million Americans call Mexico their home. The main reason why you should consider Mexico to spend your retirement is: living here is inexpensive.

How much money would you need to spend your retirement in Mexico?

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