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All You Need to Know About Retirement Homes In Mexico

Retirement homes in Mexico have become increasingly popular and this is due to many reasons. In the past when people got older their family and loved ones would take care of all the needs they might present or in case it was really necessary they would hire a private nurse who could be completely at their disposal and take care of them as they needed. However, times have changed, there were not as many responsibilities and life was not as busy as it is today. Nowadays it is very difficult for an elderly person’s family or loved ones to take care of him/her as they should in old age, especially if he/she requires a certain quality of care, since the current rhythm of life does not allow for it. 

And this is where the popularity of retirement homes in Mexico lies, because now when an older adult needs special care that their family cannot provide due to lack of time or experience, long-term care facilities in Mexico provide the care for persons, along with more services from which the older adult can get quite a bit of benefit.

Why do people look for retirement homes in Mexico? 

It is true that there are many retirement homes and not all of them are in Mexico, so many people may wonder why elderly care facilities in Mexico? Well, actually there are many reasons why people look for retirement homes in Mexico and  we will tell you the main ones: 


It is well known by all the people that the costs in Mexico are much lower and not only in medical care, but in almost everything. However, when it comes to the cost of living in retirement homes, whether they include medical care or non-medical senior home care services, Mexico is quite attractive, since most people are gathering their savings throughout their lives and yet when the time comes to retire and they want to choose a nice retirement home where they can enjoy all the possible comforts they discover that the costs of assisted living residences are very high, especially in countries like the United States and Canada.

In contrast, in Mexico, American residents can find affordable assisted living facilities. You will find the same services, facilities and amenities for a much lower cost. And, usually when they make care quality comparisons they discover this, they start looking for care agencies in Mexico where they can offer everything they are looking for for less money, an affordable living.

The location 

The location is another factor, which in fact is linked to the first, because most people looking for retirement homes in Mexico are from the United States and due to the proximity that this country has with Mexico is that many U.S. citizens look for retirement homes in Mexico, either for themselves or their loved ones, because the visits are much simpler, almost as if they were in the United States, because the distance is short. 

And for any emergency or event that might arise, they could arrive in a short period of time and also with the benefit of a lower cost. And if we also add the incredible landscapes that can be found in this country, we will undoubtedly get a very good combination that makes the location ideal. 

Mexican warmth

If there is one thing that characterizes this country, it is the warmth of its people. We all know well that the people of this country put a lot of love and dedication into everything they do. And when it comes to an assisted living facility this is something that people look for, that their loved ones are treated as if they were family, with that warmth that characterizes good treatment. That is why many people look for retirement homes in this country, because they know that the treatment they will receive will be the best and will make them feel at home. 

What elements should have retirement homes in Mexico 

When a person is looking for places of retreat, it is very likely that they feel lost and do not know what these places should preferably include. There are 3 most important things that a retirement home in Mexico should have: 

A good location 

The main objective of a residential memory care is to enjoy the stage of old age peacefully, so a good location is a very important factor to consider when choosing a retirement home in Mexico. Because there are locations that provide more tranquility than others, like a retirement home located near the sea can provide more peace and sense of harmony and rest to an older adult than one located in an urban area where you can perceive the noises from the outside and can disturb the residents.

A good property

It is highly recommended to look for assisted living communities that have an excellent property in terms of space and architecture, both of which are important, because even though a building is very nice if it does not have enough space it can limit the residents development. When you choose a retirement home you should think about the long term, first floor rooms, green areas and more amenities should be considered for a better stay of the older adult.


Security is another of the care requirements that a good retirement home in Mexico must offer in order to guarantee the well being and independent living of its residents and thus keep the family calm, which gives all its confidence in the memory care homes for the care of its loved one. 

How to choose the best of the many retirement homes in Mexico

To choose a suitable retirement home from among the many retirement homes that exist in Mexico, it is important that you verify well that your options complies with all the points mentioned above. Fortunately, at CasaMar Senior Living we can offer you all this and also a great view of the ocean along with all the possible luxuries.

If you are looking for retirement homes in Mexico, we invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment so that you can get to know our facilities and our work. We will be happy to assist you!

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